Earn 80% brokerage fee and build your referral network in real estate

Innovative real estate deal making service with
referral system for individual brokers and experts in UAE

About Us

Unidwellers is a UAE based innovative deal-making and deal-processing service for real estate brokers and experts which allows to close deals without real – estate agency. Our partners are able to earn up to 80% brokerage fee, while average agency could offer 50% as a highest possible reward. Also, we have innovative referral system which could help our partners to build their own real – estate brokerage network.

We Offer

Higher profits

We are fully digital and don't have any "agency" costs. That allows us to share up to 80% brokerage fee with our partners instead of market average of 30-50%

Referral system

We provide multi level referral system for our partners which allows to invite friends, colleagues or even family members and build professional networks

Clean and legal

Unidwellers is and officially registered company in Dubai with own bank account and license for real estate operation in United Arab Emirates

Club offers

While working with Unidwellers our brokers can get exclusive offers like events, courses and higher commissions, being in executive club for experts


We usually organise corporate events for our partners and clients together with developers and experts to help building professional networks and connections


We provide corporate education courses on investments, deal making, law and communications with industry experts and partners from finance, development, banking etc.

Start earning up to 80% brokerage fee and building you referral network



    Explore Our Projects: Embark on a journey through a curated selection of premium real estate offerings. From luxurious residences to innovative developments, our portfolio showcases the finest opportunities that the real estate market has to offer.

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    Make deals with us to earn 80% brokerage fees and build referral network

    Our innovative service offers you the opportunity to achieve higher profits, build professional network  and receive expert guidance, all while being part of a thriving real estate community.